Our Team

Great closeup with Terri Judy SoloOur Founder, Judy Ryan

Judy Ryan founded LifeWork Systems in 2002. She is recognized in her field as an expert in human systems. She makes what is abstract understandable and operational so that people adopt positive behavior changes and form new, lasting and productive habits. Judy is a consultant, trainer, author, columnist, coach, and keynote presenter, with guest appearances on TV and radio. Her book What’s the Deal With Workplace Culture Change was published in October 2015. Judy has been writing a national column Emotional Intelligence in Women’s Journals across the US since 2006 and a column The Extraordinary Workplace in St. Louis Small Business Monthly since 2012.  Judy’s purpose is to create a world in which all people love their lives, including at work. She has worked to make her purpose hands-on and scalable.

Terri Best

Terri Williams

Terri Williams has been a community servant for many years. Most significantly, she served as Mayor of Webster Groves, Missouri and as Executive Director of Webster Groves Chamber of Commerce. She was appointed as “Citizen Advocate” and “Tax Payers Advocate” for St. Louis County government.  Terri Williams has been a human systems consultant and trainer with Lifework Systems since 2009.Terri’s passion is to increase emotional intelligence in political leaders. Her purpose is to help all people shift from “power over to power within” using her gifts for providing inspiration, transformation, and laughter.

Joyce Olinga2 joyces 2

Joyce Olinga brings more than 30 years experience in a range of videographic services from documentaries to interviews and instructional footage.  Joyce combines creativity and technical mastery in the shooting, editing, and compilation of all video components for LifeWork Systems projects, including their use in eLearning modules.Joyce’s primary purpose is to listen carefully and work with each person she encounters in order to help those committed to fulfill a vision for making the world a more inclusive, mutually encouraging and respectful place for all.

Glenda in blueGlenda Woolley

Glenda is the newest member of the LifeWork Systems team. Her purpose is to help people know their self-worth, experience joy and to live fully. She does this by  delivering our leadership development programs that promote a highly productive work environment; where people feel seen, heard and valued. Glenda is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She has a passion for helping others develop their leadership and communication skills. After a 22 year corporate career, Glenda is a highly effective, results oriented professional with proven expertise in facilitating employee development through training, coaching and mentoring. Glenda provides her services through mastermind studies, lunch and learns, workshops, speaking and coaching.


Paige Singleton

Paige Singleton is our specialist in instructional design and eLearning best practices. She is creative and generous in her support of our eLearning center, and instrumental in developing all interactions within our online training modules in order to reinforce learning.Paige has a special passion for educators, teens and children and wants to impact school administrators and teachers whenever possible.

Paige’s purpose is to help support a world where people are collaborative and happy. She specializes in bringing about transformations through the use of technology to strengthen the learning experience and  enhance the change process.

Danieal BrozDanieal

Danieal Broz is the web developer and app developer for LifeWork Systems. She has responsibility for our eCommerce and eLearning management systems. She walks, talks and presents the concepts and tools provided by LifeWork Systems and is the creative genius behind the way in which information is packaged and delivered to best help our clients.Danieal is expert at creating a positive user experience and working with us and our clients to troubleshoot custom solutions that meet the specialized needs of a wide variety of clients.

Danieal’s purpose is to empower others to be their best and to become responsible to lead lives of excellence.