Our Partners

“Joint Ventures, Alliances, and other Corporate Partnerships are fueling the growth of the world’s most successful companies. The demand to deliver more new products, more quickly, and at lower prices has never been greater. Joint Ventures and other collaborative business arrangements are revolutionizing how winning companies compete. They permit companies to enter new markets and field new products that they otherwise couldn’t do on their own. They are the quickest way to grow your company, particularly in times of change.”

Curtis E. Sahakian
Author, Business Strategist, Lawyer

Strategic partnerships afford client services and experiences possible only through a unified approach that results in powerful value propositions. Each organization listed below offers many years of experience, specialized knowledge and support, entertainment and enlightenment, all combined to provide a broad, holistic and comprehensive range of unique offerings.

Our Strategic Partners

Ntrinsx™ Social Intelligence System

Mindfulness begins with a positive self-awareness and extends to respectful acknowledgement of the values of others. Ntrinsx helps people understand each other’s intrinsic values, and how to interpret their behavior. Ntrinsx makes it easy to learn, store, view, share, and leverage the intrinsic values of people. It is a cloud-based application that makes it easy to engage large populations to improve relationships – with individuals, teams, and departments.

Official-e4e-Logo-white color e4e Business Success Community

Experts 4 Entrepreneurs is a premier community of entrepreneurs, committed to helping small business owners succeed and live their dream. The vision of e4e is to help business owners grow faster with less stress and expense. The aim of e4e is to help business owners accelerate progress in growing all aspects of their business. E4e does this by living out their values of generosity, teamwork, simplicity, responsibility, humor, integrity and personal growth. They serve as a team of trusted, proven advisors so each business owner can enjoy their life and work fully supported.

BDC images Every business owner knows that for a business to succeed and work well, workflow must be consistent, well documented and quantified.
Business Design Corporation has worked to transform thousands of disordered and demanding small to mid-sized businesses into manageable, well-run, successful enterprises that provide for and serve both the owners and the employees. With their revolutionary TouchStone system you now have all the knowledge and skills to accomplish this within your own organization. One SYSTEM. One SOLUTION.
Image Media Logo 700 Caren Libby Marketing and Photography Services

Businesses and individuals hire Caren Libby to maximize their online presence, create and implement content marketing programs and take photographs of individuals, groups, facilities and special events.

 SBM Logo copy St. Louis Small Business Monthly

St. Louis Small Business Monthly is the source of strategy, management and innovation for St. Louis-area entrepreneurs and business owners. St. Louis Small Business Monthly invited Judy Ryan to write for them beginning in January 2012 on The Extraordinary Workplace.

 Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.00.12 AM The Women’s Journal seeks to educate and inform readers, in ways that are meaningful and relevant to the many facets of their lives.  Over the years, their contributors have demonstrated their expertise, understanding, and passion by writing insightful, objective, and thought-provoking articles. The mission of the Women’s Journals is to be the objective, informative, and educational resource for women with a focus on providing high-quality articles that are of interest to all, to women of all ages, backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities.


St. Louis Forum brings together female executives and professionals in the Greater St. Louis area who have distinguished themselves through significant achievements in their chosen fields. The group provides members with information on a wide range of issues and topics, networking events, and opportunities for professional and community advancement and recognition.

Membership in the St. Louis Forum represents a wide array of business backgrounds and professions and is by invitation only.