Our Purpose

At LifeWork Systems, we walk the talk. We live by purpose, values and vision first and they inform our goals, procedures and roles.

Our purpose: “To create a world where people love their lives.”

Our company values:

  1. Friendship: We create authentic, trusting relationships based in friendship
  2. Encouragement: We support goodness, courage and strength
  3. Over-Communication: We listen, appreciate, ask, and offer our ideas and feelings
  4. Personal Growth: We are always learning, growing and improving
  5. Faith: We surrender in humility, accepting grace and guidance

Additionally, we adopt eight values that build trust:

  • Respect: We are respectful towards each other, always.
  • Recognition: We give others the recognition they deserve.
  • Receptivity: We are receptive to new ideas and listen to each other.
  • Disclosure: We speak up and share our ideas, feelings and opinions.
  • Straightforwardness: We make direct requests and express expectations.
  • Honesty: We tell the truth, saying what we mean and meaning what we say.
  • Keeps Commitments: We fulfill our responsibilities and deliver on our agreements.
  • Seeks Excellence: We strive to do our best in everything we do.