Don’t Hold Up Progress – Be Accountable!


Date(s) - 03/07/2017
9:00 am - 11:00 am


Chesterfield Business Lodge

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Follow-Through On Agreements


Young man consulting his business partner at meeting in office

Challenged by irresponsible people who fail to follow through or deliver expected results? In this workshop participants are led through a process enabling each to understand the reasons for high or low accountability, including what it really means to be accountable, and conditions, communications and strategies that support accountability

Program Description

This workshop leads participants through a process enabling them to understand subconscious goals they and others operate out of related to high or low accountability. Participants leave with knowledge and strategies so they are effective inspiring responsible and accountable behavior, including follow-through based on commitment rather than resentful compliance.

Major Topics

  • What it really means to be accountable
  • Long-standing practices that impede accountability
  • Conditions needed to foster accountability
  • Communicating for Accountability
  • Tools for promoting accountable behavior


2 hours


This workshop targets managers, executives, parents, teachers, individuals or groups that find themselves completing projects or tasks for others and experience ongoing frustration due to poor accountability and a lack of follow-through on commitments.


The intention of this workshop is to explore how accountability can dramatically influence life, work and relationships. The workshop enables participants to become effective leaders who cultivate accountability in a respectful and conscious manner.