Developing Future Leaders

In order to gain an advantage in our fast-paced world, you need proactive, accountable children who grow into fully engaged, self-directed adults. This begins in childhood. LifeWork Systems provides parents a comprehensive set of systems designed to nurture and support responsible and socially interested children and parents. Our approach draws upon concepts developed by experts in Adlerian, positive and cognitive psychology, and the latest findings on social and emotional Intelligence.

One of our founding principles is that all people need to develop internal leadership from the time they are very young. LifeWork Systems has a proven track record for helping families with innovative, yet timely practices and skills, that harness the potential within each child so he or she experiences being influential and contributing to the family and community. Each is provided guidance to live from purpose, values and vision and co-create experiences that help shape their private logic and increase their capacity to make the world a better place.

The LifeWork Systems Difference

Too often parents are not provided adequate training in developing leadership, motivation, communication and other human systems skills in their children. The LifeWork Systems approach is unique because we focus on a way of teaching parents and in many cases their children, social and emotional intelligence skills, including how to integrate the new skills and practices into the routines of family life.

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Here are four core skills needed to effectively develop leadership in you and your children:

1. Trust-Building

Exceptional parents have developed the ability to emotionally connect with their children in consistent and meaningful ways.

2. Mentoring

Effective parents have shifted from managing, motivating and evaluating their children to coaching and mentoring them. They have the ability to sit down with each on a regular basis and have open, honest discussions about their relationships, what they are capable of accomplishing and how happy they are. In this way, they help their children manage challenges and provide support in a timely, helpful and proactive manner. There is a saying that good parents cannot be good friends to their children. This is not true when you create a mentoring and coaching relationship with them based on trust and encouragement.

3. Inspiring Commitment and Passion

Effective parents help their children to be productive. They are good at inspiring, delegating, coaching and cheering them on so they are consistently succeeding and celebrating success.

4. Building Caring Teamwork

The ultimate achievement for a parent is to do themselves out of their role as soon as possible. Strong parents are effective at helping their children and the family as a whole to take ownership for small and large responsibilities and commit to excellence and helpfulness every day. Transfer of responsibility to them is an ongoing and important skill that moves children from crisis to creativity.