Products & Services

LifeWork Systems provides a wide range of parenting support services designed to create a family that is happy, cooperative, mutually respectful and supportive. Services drive positive change and are as follows:

    1. Consulting: Conversation with parents or caregivers determine human systems needed to achieve goals, overcome challenges and develop healthy family dynamics. Goals are identified and form the basis of the consulting relationship. The following are three critical consulting focus areas addressed:
      • Creating an Extraordinary Family Culture
      • Leadership Development of Parents and Children
      • Aligning the Family’s Purpose, Values, and Visions

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    2. Assessment: 

Two surveys have been designed to explore, analyze and measure the effectiveness of your parenting practices and to understand differences in values and temperament. The data collected is an ideal starting point for determining and creating a plan that works best for your family.
    3. Training: Experiential, fun and life-changing programs are provided, utilizing the best in parenting practices. Training is presented live, and through webinars and eLearning, and intentionally designed to be easy, convenient, and affordable. We support training with audio versions of our programs, detailed workbooks, and reference materials, and phone apps for easy implementation of new skills.Outdoor business meeting
    4. Coaching: Coaching  sessions are used in order to help parents overcome barriers, stress, chaos and inefficiencies, and master the use of tools, approaches, and strategies. We help parents increase the quality of relationships and family cooperation. Parents are supported in taking ownership of various new habits and routines and promoting them daily.