Exploration Survey

I meet parents every day who are struggling with raising their children to be good citizens and want to create a joyful family life. They may not agree on a parenting approach, feel they are failing, and are not sure what to do. Their lack of clarity is frustrating and discouraging.

The most important question to ask is WHY? Why consider a specific parenting approach to change our home environment and habits? What exactly does a positive and effective parenting and family model look like? If I do not have them, what should I do?

By taking this survey, you discover what priorities to address, including whether or not key values, specific practices and important skills are in place or missing. The Exploration Survey requires you to pause, and recognize challenges, gaps and areas where you need parenting support.

New Family Report CoverOur complimentary Exploration Assessment survey informs and uncovers what is priority, including whether or not key principles, specific practices and important skills are missing. Exploration requires pausing, and recognizing challenges and areas where support is needed.

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Ntrinsx™ Temperament Survey

Social Intelligence in adults and children is crucial for respect, the development of future good citizens and in creating a happy home. Mindfulness begins with positive self-awareness and extends to respectful acknowledgement of the values of others. Without it, adults and children inadvertently violate and neglect what is most important to others.

Diversity is a fact of life and can be a source of great worth. Support social intelligence by learning unique strengths and values of each adult and child in your family and gain understanding about how each person best communicates, manages stress, adapts to change and exercises leadership.

Ntrinsx results in a quick, memorable report that helps people understand each other’s intrinsic values, remember them and then interpret their behavior in a positive light in order to respond effectively.