Cohesive Teamwork

It takes a village to raise a successful child and achieve goals to build, grow and maintain a home and family of excellence. For this to occur, parents must get along with one another in order to model and teach their children to do the same.

In our consulting capacity, we guide you in the creation of extraordinary teamwork between everyone in the family and anyone connected to raising or caring for your children. We help you maneuver through each of the following four stages:

  1. Pseudo-Community. In this stage everyone is getting along and enjoying common ground. Its a safe, pleasant and polite stage. If it is the only stage however, it can lead to inauthenticity, boredom and low creativity. Pseudo-community is misused when parents or children seek to maintain peace at all costs.
  2. Chaos. In this stage, differing perspectives become apparent but are problematic because family members focus on converting, fixing, healing and changing each other. This stage can become stressful and discouraging, and result in people shuttling back to pseudo-community or disengagement if chaos is not effectively overcome.
  3. Empty. In this stage, the family members no matter their age, listen deeply, and allow problem solving to occur without pressure or a hidden agenda. In the spirit of honesty, straightforwardness, receptivity and respect, each demonstrates trust-building and social and emotional intelligence skills. This stage can be disconcerting if adults and children have not learned effective communication skills
  4. Authentic Community. In this stage, your entire family consistently works together peacefully because each person has taken responsibility for his or her relationships, helpfulness and participation. Social interest in one another and caring is high. Benefits extend beyond family teamwork, spilling over to the community, churches and schools.