Culture Change

LifeWork Systems 7 Step Cultural Transformation Process

Using our 7 Step process, we ensure you create an extraordinary family life.

About Your Family: You want the advantages of a happy family culture and need a plan to create one and a knowledgeable guide with a proven track record so you can create the family of your dreams with confidence.

About LifeWork Systems: We make sure you have the information you need to help your children becomes responsible for creating quality relationships, being effective in doing the tasks of life and show up with courage in their growth and development process.

About You: As a parent, you are not always quite sure what are you want the family to transform from, into. You can’t quite picture what you need to know or what you must commit to do. You need to know that your time and money is well spent and will bring you the results and confidence you seek.

About LifeWork Systems: We provide the parenting model and the proven process for raising caring, and socially interested children. We bring you training, coaching and help you learn new strategies to create a responsibility-based home environment that brings out the best in everyone.

For complete details, read our white paper on our proven 7-step process

Our 7 steps guide you to:

1. Understand and support your role as parents and the transformation process you are adopting
2. Assess and record needs and challenges, as well as conditions you wish to create and improve
3. Create a plan for how to learn, grow and incorporate needed changes
4. Build trust and create a home life where everyone grows responsible and self-directed
5. Create a values-based family culture in which everyone functions by the 8 values that build trust
6. Give your children plenty of opportunities to be leaders and play important roles in the family through teamwork
7. Create a set of new habits in which your children learn to problem-solve and be in service to a family vision