LifeWork Systems Training is experiential, fun and life changing, utilizing the best practices in each topic and in instructional design. Training is presented live at public workshops and can be customized and delivered as teleseminars, webinars and as shown in this demo video describing our eLearning. We appeal to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners simultaneously and provide convenient options to meet any schedule. Wherever welcome, we enable parents, teachers, and other caregivers managing and interacting with children to learn new tools and skills so they are all on the same page in helping them to thrive.

Complete Training Course List

Our Training Addresses


  • Family Culture
  • Developing Leadership in Your Children
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Happy Relationships
  • Nurturing Motivation
  • Overcoming Sibling Rivalry
  • Redirecting Misbehavior
  • Accountability and Goal Setting
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Effective Family Meetings
  • Creating Family Fun



Learning new parenting skills is ideal but often impractical in live training sessions, especially with today’s multiple schedules for parents and children. You may not be able to take time away from the family to attend classes and workshops. You have busy professional and personal lives. LifeWork Systems provides affordable eLearning programs, delivered in modular, interactive sessions. eLearning add-on’s include audio versions of programs, detailed written materials, and phone apps for ease of learning and application.

Like our live programs, our online topics include creating a happy home, improving teamwork, effective communication, leadership development, how to stop sibling rivalry, and how to redirect misbehavior.

The best part: You learn anywhere, at any time.

We have created a brief introduction to our eLearning classes so you experience the quality design, interactions and simulated exercises that ensure your online experience is engaging and fun. We bring you the same helpful tools and skills taught in our live workshops so everyone has convenient, affordable access to information, and you and your children are supported in making positive changes.

Live Training – Public · Onsite · Custom

Parent training is key to remaining empowered, creative and successful in cultivating children you are proud of, and becoming a parent you like being. Some advantages to live training options are that parents meet other parents and can share in the learning process, discussing and practicing new skills, finding ways to apply what’s learned and encouraging one another in supportive and helpful ways.

Parallel Training Programs for Home and School

LifeWork Systems workshops are experiential, fun and interactive with strategies and tools you take away and apply immediately. We have parallel programs for educators, parents, teens, and business and community leaders so everyone has access to the same tools and a common model for resolving issues, communicating and creating positive outcomes together.