Creating Positive School Culture

School culture is a result of the values, beliefs and behaviors as modeled and fostered by the Principal and school staff.

In successful schools, Principals and teachers define, over-communicate and make practical a common purpose and set of values that are non-negotiable. From this, administrators and teachers manage the school culture to nurture and ensure those values permeate the entire school.

Many Principals don’t understand the impact their values, beliefs and behaviors have on the school culture nor do the teachers within their classrooms. The school culture, including the methodologies and values adopted, has significant effects on the ability of the staff and students to grow, learn, and succeed individually and collectively. Here are what some of them have to say after receiving our award-winning school reform services:


Because the school culture extends to parents, we have programs that enable all adults responsible for the students to speak a common language. Parents learn to use the same best practices, and hold the same positive intention; to transfer responsibility to children effectively. In this way parents create a parallel culture in the home that reflects the school culture.

LifeWork Systems has a development life-cycle, a 7-step process for culture change in schools and assessments that aid school administrators, staff and students in creating sustainable transformation of your school culture.

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