Cultivating Responsibility

How do you get staff and students to think for themselves, take responsibility, and strive for excellence in all they do?

Every educator and parent wants children to grow up to be responsible and proactive. Initiative leads to mastery and high levels of achievement. And better achievement results in many benefits, including a love of learning, improved self-esteem, happier classrooms, a positive school reputation and less sleepless nights for administrators, teachers and parents.  Here’s what one teacher had to say:


To create a team of accountable, self-motivated staff and students, administrators need to mentor and develop leadership within each adult and help them to coach each child within a trust-based and values-based school environment. Our years of experience with schools, combined with the latest in research data, both validate that excellence in learning and leadership development are strongly connected.

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Administrators and teachers begin by gaining an understanding of the basic needs of all adults and children. Once they accept that the school’s success is linked to its ability to satisfy student and staff needs to develop into leaders who feel empowered, lovable, connected and contributing, the tipping point for an accountable and responsible staff and student body is achieved.