Engaging in the Learning Process

When teachers and students are happy to be in school, results are positive and academic achievement follows. Both generally start the school year with enthusiasm but before long, many relationships suffer, and productivity and engagement levels often decrease. The following video includes all stakeholders: a principal, teacher, student and parent:


At LifeWork Systems we believe strongly that certain conditions help students and staff stay connected and highly engaged in learning and mastering new skills in a sustained manner. It takes a strong Principal, passionate about school culture and effective at inspiring and leading staff and students to create a school environment that unifies and supports high achievement. This takes time to create. Is it worth the time and trouble?

In most schools, only about half of staff and students are still passionate about participating in school by the end of the first month and even fewer by the end of each quarter. The reason? Inadequate time and skill has been dedicated to building strong relationships and fostering alignment with a meaningful purpose and values. Both are critical in building loyalty and mutual dedication to the process of learning and growing as a school community.

When administrators, teachers and ancillary staff are focused on building trust and committed to create strong teamwork with each other, they are then able to assist students in creating the same. When teachers learn to redirect negative behavior without harshness or incentives and conduct classrooms meetings where students are not just engaged, but learning and practicing leadership skills, everyone grows in the ability to focus on the needs of others, create conditions they like and support, and manage their behavior so they enjoy learning.

A lack of sufficient encouragement is a key factor in the development of social and emotional disconnects, which hinder students, parents and teachers in being their best. Even quality teachers and enthusiastic students can become discouraged and disconnected, which greatly impacts the ability of the school body to function effectively. To increase teacher and student engagement in your school:

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