Satisfying Parents

The greatest indicator of a job well done with students, are highly satisfied parents who trust you implicitly with their children. A school’s reputation is made strong and positive when the parents within the school community are quick to share their favorable experiences with other parents.

Since 2002, LifeWork Systems has worked with more than 100 schools of all sizes, ensuring school administrators, staff, parents and students are happy and work together to change the way they see the student – and the way they view their own role in his or her development and within the school community. We have written, managed and implemented several multi-year, comprehensive school reform projects, winning the Vanguard Award for Innovation in Service Delivery for our four-year project Go the Distance, a project involving all staff, parents and students within two high schools with the goal of increased high school graduation rates.

Here is just one ecstatic parent:


In addition to our work with schools, LifeWork Systems has worked with hundreds of families within the school environment and separately. See our parenting division. In with way, a parallel set of parenting assessments, training and coaching support the full development of leadership and intrinsic motivation in students at school and at

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With the help of our proven systems, adults and children learn how to live from a common set of values and intentionally cause strong and positive relationships with one another. Because the social and emotional climate is encouraging and supportive to all, high academic achievement is just one of many positive outcomes.

Parents respond with appreciation, loyalty and support, and are relieved to be in a collaborative relationship with the school staff in ways in which all are and feel competent.