School Report Cover Dec 2015Every day too many leaders are fighting fires but not sure what’s causing them and their lack of clarity is costly. They think they have arrived in one place only to find out they are not where they thought they were on the path to organizational effectiveness.

A systems approach is the best strategy to be a competent, sustainable organization. Support strategic planning by exploring systems needed for performance excellence.

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People are the greatest asset of any organization. Support people by measuring the levels of trust, engagement and alignment; the clarity and approval for purpose, values, visions, goals, procedures and roles. Take a look at what we measure in our strategic alignment survey by reading our white paper or watching our video.

Employees have unspoken expectations. Draw upon those related to what is working, has worked and can work best. We help your people create a vision early on to allow greater strategic planning and implementation. Appreciative inquiry is about building upon strengths and what gives organizations the most life. See our articles on this topic and the power it has to transform your workplace.

Diversity is a fact of life and can be a source of great worth. Support social intelligence by learning unique strengths and values of each employee, including how they best communicate, manage stress, adapt to change and exercise leadership. Learn more about the Ntrinsx color assessment and the partner who created it.  This amazing temperament survey provides you insight you need for greater social intelligence.