Our Approach

A Human Systems Approach: Frequently Asked

What and Why Systems?

The world is changing. Systems are simply a collection of practices that Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money.  Systems must evolve to support these changes or you fall behind.  We provide you systems that promote a school environment in which you cultivate high achievement.

What are Human Systems?

Human systems are a set of practices related to human functioning, such as getting along, getting motivated from the inside out and getting more done.  In a school, they impact communication, social interest, personal responsibility, inductive reasoning, and how you train and discipline staff and students.

Our human systems promote healthy community and leadership development for adults and children, characterized by personal initiative, and emotional and social intelligence.  Because there is greater ownership and accountability for behavior, achievement and enthusiasm for life, work and education, less formal structure is required over time because responsibility has been transferred to staff and students effectively.

A Performance-Based Approach

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What are Performance Targets?

Performance targets drive direction. A target is a specific outcome describing results in numbers and/or degrees of change. Target Tracking is a method of tracking progress and identifying what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be adjusted to progress. Targets represent a reasonable stretch, are verifiable with hard numbers, are achieved using a responsibility-based model, and supported by practical application of skills for change.

How is our Approach Unique?

Positive – Our Adlerian psychology model focuses on intrinsic motivation and assumes your staff and students are and want to be great.

Constructivist – Your school environment is designed to encourage inductive reasoning, pride, ownership and creative problem solving.

Distributive – Every person, no matter age or role, receives tools and social and emotional skills needed for success.

An Outcomes-Approach

we help you identify one or more school and classroom targets and fulfill them. Your desired outcomes form the basis of our relationship with you.  Click here for sample school targets we can help you measurably improve.