LifeWork Systems Training is experiential, fun and life changing, utilizing the best practices in each topic and in instructional design. Training is presented live at public workshops, onsite at your school, can be customized and delivered as teleseminars, webinars and as shown in this demo video describing our eLearning. We appeal to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners simultaneously and provide convenient options to meet any schedule.

Judy_trainingLifeWork Systems training is easily distributed to all of your teachers, ancillary staff and administrators, with parallel programs for teens and parents, including leader-led group modules for everyone no matter their age or role, so information that has been provided individually is reviewed together by everyone in group sessions. In addition, the information is made relevant to the school purpose and values and becomes a resource so practical application of tools and strategies becomes the norm at school and when desired, in the home at the same time. In this way, parents and school staff have a common language for positive development of all involved in the life of the students.

Training Options and Topics

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