Employee Engagement

Check out these hard numbers. In 2015 research data on Employee Engagement collected by Gallup on over 2.5 million American workers, the report indicates that only 31.5% of employees display a high level of committed passion on the job. Out of the 68.5% remaining, a whopping 51% resentfully do only what’s absolutely required and 17.5% are not just unhappy at work; they act out that unhappiness, costing an average of $16,000 per person, per year.

It is well documented that employee engagement leads to better performance. Organizations and management experts around the world dedicate significant resources to increasing employee engagement levels.

At LifeWork Systems we believe strongly that employee engagement does not happen without proactive planning and change management. Leaders must create a work environment where employees are not just engaged, but have abundant motivation, social interest and enthusiasm for the job they do.

In every organization we engage, about half of the staff are passionate about the organization. The missing link is that inadequate time and skill has been dedicated to building strong relationships and alignment needed to build loyalty and mutual dedication. This underlines the hidden emotional disconnect needed to engage all employees. Read our many articles on employee engagement.

Even top performers can feel disconnected from their employer and may look for other options. To increase employee engagement in your organization:

Step one: Fill out our Exploration Survey and get a free report on your workplace culture

Step two: Review our proven experience in creating a responsibility and values-based workplace culture in our 7-Step Culture Change Process

Step three: Find out the perception of your people as you measure levels of trust, alignment an engagement in your organization. Read our white paper: Explanation of the Strategic Alignment Survey or watch our video Introduction to Strategic Alignment Survey