Team Alignment

Whether developing a new product, fulfilling a client engagement, collaborating on a project, or even creating a company strategy, a lack of alignment can be highly debilitating, and costly. When you achieve clarity and approval of a course of action, you mobilize effective teamwork.

Many well-intended people in an organization do not know how to get past pseudo-community functioning where peace is maintained at the cost of innovation, the sharing of differences and reasonable risk. If not pseudo-community, people also get caught in a trap of power-struggle where converting and controlling behaviors may rule the day. Alignment is achieved when conversations are honest, receptive, straightforward, and authentic with understanding and collaboration based on purpose and values is of highest priority – including at the senior executive level.

At LifeWork Systems we work with teams at all levels to overcome specific obstacles, and to put in place a high degree of team alignment to ensure that future challenges can be met with a healthy degree of debate, but from a baseline of mutual respect and constructive engagement.

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