Products & Services

LifeWork Systems provides a range of programs that drive sustained positive change and range from short presentations, stand-alone workshops, two-to-three day engagements tailored for executives with clear needs and a limited time window for action, and full consulting engagements for a complete cultural transformation. Longer programs are delivered in a distributive manner over time in order to integrate new skills and processes into the workplace environment.

LifeWork Systems has a range of flagship development programs that take leaders and teams through a measured, focused and lasting change process – building and sustaining a high-performance team, with trust as its core. The most appropriate package of services for your organization’s needs are a combination of services from among the following four categories:

1.  Consulting: A relationship with the CEO and leadership team is fostered and conversations engaged in order to help each determine human systems needed to achieve goals, overcome challenges and develop the kinds of people wanted and needed. Performance targets are identified and form the basis of the consulting relationship. The following are three critical consulting focus areas addressed:

  • Creating an Extraordinary Workplace Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Alignment and Teamwork

2.  Assessment: A series of surveys have been designed to explore, analyze and measure team and individual performance across a range of key metrics. The data collected is an ideal starting point for new clients and organizations wishing to begin a leadership development process with individuals and teams.

3.  Training: Experiential, fun and life-changing workshops are provided, utilizing the best in instructional design and organizational development practices. Training is presented live, as teleseminars, webinars and eLearning and is intentionally designed to be distributive to all employees. Various delivery mechanisms enable self-paced learning and also support managers and supervisors in providing leader-led sessions in which each is fully guided in facilitating coaching and implementation meetings with staff.

4.  Coaching and Mentoring: Coaching and mentoring sessions are utilized in order to assist the CEO and Sr. Team to overcome barriers, stress, chaos and inefficiencies, and master the use of tools, approaches, support and strategies that reduce obstacles and increase the quality of relationships, productivity, and engagement. Each is supported in taking ownership of various strategies and promoting them throughout the workplace.