Mentoring & Coaching

Individual and group coaching and mentoring help employees learn to effectively apply new systems, tools and processes for quicker success in achieving goals.

LifeWork Systems consultants help by planning culture change projects with CEOs and other executives, overseeing employees and managers who facilitate monthly group training review and practice sessions, assisting the organization in achieving one or more ROI goals, and supporting internal managers, supervisors and employees to understand how to make sure everyone is now mentored internally every month by your own managers and staff.

Mentoring helps with review, making relevant, and application of what’s learned and how to make sure all interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, and support of new staff is aligned with the new company culture. Because this is a responsibility-based, values-based culture model, all leaders are mentored and coached on how to integrate the values and practices into the operations of your business.

  • Culture Change
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Retention
  • Relationships
  • Motivation
  • Engagement
  • Redirecting Misbehavior
  • Productivity
  • Goal Setting
  • Responsibility
  • Marriage/Family