Culture Change

LifeWork Systems 7 Step Cultural Transformation Process

Using our 7 Step process, we ensure you create an extraordinary workplace.

About You: You want the competitive advantages of a healthy workplace culture and need a plan to create one and a knowledgeable guide with a proven track record so you can navigate the transformation process with confidence.

About LifeWork Systems: We make sure you and your leaders have full knowledge of the resources needed to help all employees becomes responsible for creating quality relationships, high productivity and full engagement.

About You: As a leader, you are not quite sure what are you transforming from, into. You can’t quite picture the scope of work, what you have to know and what you are committing to do. You need to know your investment of time and money will deliver a high return.

About LifeWork Systems: We provide the roadmap, model, leadership development process, training, coaching and implementation strategies all required to create a value-based, responsibility-based culture. We bring strategies that scale no matter how large or how geographically separate your locations and people.

For complete details, read our white paper on our proven 7-step process

Our 7 steps guide you to:

1. Make sure the CEO and Senior Team understand and support the Transformation Process
2. Benchmark the Organization’s Culture to determine the starting point
3. Get all Senior Team members “On the Bus” and develop a plan
4. Ensure all Managers and Supervisors are building trust and creating an environment where people are Self-Directed
5. Create a Values-Based Culture: All staff operate by the Values that Build Trust
6. Give all staff opportunities to learn how to operate in Cross-Functional Teams
7. Use Cross-Functional Teams to redesign systems, processes, and structures