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Distributive learning for everyone in an organization is ideal but often impractical and too expensive, especially with today’s multiple schedules and locations. Employees cannot afford time away from work to attend a live training program. LifeWork Systems provides an affordable alternative: eLearning programs, delivered in modular, interactive sessions for individuals and leaders so everyone implements what’s been provided in each program. We have created a brief introduction to our eLearning so you experience the quality design, interactions and simulated exercises that ensure your online experience is engaging and fun.

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The best part of online, self-paced training: You learn anywhere and at any time you want. We bring you the same helpful tools and skills taught in our live workshops so everyone has convenient, affordable access to information, and your leaders are supported in implementing positive change. Here’s a list of all LifeWork Systems training topics.

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Click image below to see details on these programs currently in eLearning format and each additional program as it becomes available in our store:

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