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Is The Status Quo Working For You?

Now, more than ever, workplace practices can be a source of confusion and misunderstanding with costly consequences or they can be a way to build strong relationships so you stand out as a winner in your industry. The most important question is always why? Why consider cultural transformation at all? Why spend time, money and effort to make changes?

The following are reasons owners and leaders offer:

  • I’m concerned about our reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Our trust, morale and teamwork could be better
  • Some of my people are not motivated, accountable and responsible
  • We are falling behind the competition
  • We have trouble attracting and keeping the best employees

Many books and programs today focus on why culture change. What’s missing is a step-by-step process that spells out all the key pieces of the
culture transformation puzzle and how they fit together.

They lack IMPLEMENTATION, INTEGRATION and SUSTAINABILITY. This book clearly outlines how to systematically promote practices that foster innovation, collaboration and inductive reasoning in every person.

Today we all live under a microscope and reputations can be made or broken in days. A business reputation and the health of a workplace culture are the greatest competitive advantages now and the highest predictors of your success. The sooner you strengthen them, the better.

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