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Creating a Blueprint for Success

You wouldn’t build a house without a well-constructed blueprint. Nor should you build a life, a business, a job, or a project without defining the reasons, means and visions for what you want so you invest your resources of time, energy and money wisely. In this workshop you gain the necessary information and tools to help craft your next steps in an exciting, responsible manner.

Course Overview

For many it is an abstract concept to create based on meaningful purpose and values first and to define visions fully before jumping in to act. Most business owners, community leaders, educators and families feel more comfortable setting goals and getting down to doing, even though they may know they need to work on their life and work as much as stay busy in it. They are often unsure how to do this and what type of reflection and planning is needed to ensure the right work gets done in the short- and long-term and that it gets done right.

Course Description

Participants learn to address strategic planning and decision-making in their personal or professional lives by considering everything through a blueprint process in which all choices are designed with purpose, values and vision in mind first and then goals, procedures and roles follow logically and, in a manner, to inspire ownership.

Major Topics

  • The Role of Purpose and Values in Motivating Excellence
  • Social Interest and Accountable Choices
  • Leveraging a Blueprint Process for Communicating, Creating and Collaborating
  • Leveraging Blueprints as Part of the Change Process at Work and Home


This workshop is focused towards any individual or team committed to create consciously from what is most meaningful, successful, and aligned with values that leads to laser focus, clear communication, and self-motivation.

Course Objectives

Participants leave this workshop understanding the reasons why so many dreams, goals, projects and ideas lose momentum or fail. They learn what to do so that planning and operating in life and work is strategic and successful. They also gain a tool for effectively mentoring those they lead, educate or parent.


1-3 Hours (from Overview to Full Workshop)

Cost and Times

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