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Creating Your Extraordinary Family

This fun, dynamic interactive workshop has the goal of parent and child empowerment. Parents gain insights, tools, support and strategies to create an exceptional family life that results in initiative, cooperation, mutual respect and joy! Participants develop parenting skills including leadership development, communication, social interest, personal responsibility and increased caring.

Course Overview

Imagine you and your children working and playing together in cooperation with mutual respect and caring, taking initiative to help each other, problem-solve issues together and each person owning responsibility for their life tasks. Imagine everyone has pride in being part of the family, including what they accomplish individually and together! Create Your Extraordinary Family is a dynamic, interactive and fun program with the goal of parent and child empowerment.

Course Description

Attempting to simply control children’s behavior is not effective. This course provides you with skills and strategies for your family so that together you create an exceptional home life. The result: Engaged, cooperative, collaborative, responsible and respectful adults and children who know how love and care for one another, no matter what their ages.

Major Topics

  • What is a Responsibility-Based Family Culture?
  • The New Role of a Parent
  • Fostering Accountability and Caring
  • Effective Communication/
  • Redirecting Negative Behavior Effectively
  • Systems That Nurture Intrinsic Motivation and Joy


This workshop is for parents and other caregivers who seek to make social and emotional intelligence, intrinsic motivation and personal responsibility priority and are ready to adopt innovative systems to cultivate them.

Course Objectives

In this workshop, parents and other caregivers learn how to effectively transfer responsibility to children for their relationships, productivity and participation in their life. They also learn how to create positive, supportive teamwork and help their children do the same as part of their training in social interest at home, school and in the community from infancy until they venture out as a fully engaged, good citizen.


This comprehensive program is delivered live over 8 -10 sessions (2.5 or 3 hours + application and homework).

Cost and Times

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