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Creating Your Extraordinary School

Parents and educators want the best for children and understand the critical importance of a positive educational experience. When students are not engaged in learning due to poor relationships with authority figures and peers and lack personal responsibility and motivation, they fail to become strong thinkers and independent, agile problem-solvers. Participants gain helpful strategies to start using immediately.

Course Overview

Imagine students and adults working in cooperation, with mutual respect and caring, taking initiative, problem-solving and owning responsibility. Imagine they have pride in what they accomplish individually and together, are creating positive results in the classroom, school, home and world and your teachers are spending the majority of the day teaching, not policing! Create Your Extraordinary School is a dynamic, interactive and fun program with the goal of teacher and student empowerment, supporting high participation, and increased group and personal responsibility.

Course Description

Attempting to simply control adults and children behavior is not effective. This course provides you with skills and strategies for your staff, students (and parents – we have a parallel parenting program) so that together, you create an exceptional culture within the school and classrooms. The result: engaged, cooperative, collaborative, responsible and respectful adults and students of all ages.

Major Topics

  • What is a Responsibility-Based School Culture?
  • The New Role of an Educator
  • Fostering Leadership and Thoughtfulness
  • Effective Communication
  • Redirecting Negative Behavior Effectively
  • Systems That Nurture Intrinsic Motivation and Joy


This workshop is for educators at all levels and anyone involved in the efficacy of school systems designed to ensure academic achievement as well as social and emotional intelligence, intrinsic motivation and personal responsibility and who are ready to adopt systems to cultivate them.

Course Objectives

Participants learn how to effectively transfer responsibility to students for their relationships, productivity and participation. They also learn how to create positive, supportive teamwork with their colleagues and help students do the same with their teachers and peers.


This comprehensive program is usually delivered live over 8 -10 sessions (2.5 or 3 hours + application and homework).

Cost and Times

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