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Are My People Productive and Accountable

Whether at the office or at home, how do I ensure my people are responsible and fully engaged?

Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 9:00 – 11:00 am CTS (online, limited to 10 executives)

The #1 competitive advantage for the ‘organizations of tomorrow’ is investing in a human system that creates a NEW KIND OF TEAM in which people are motivated from within. These organizations have developed a RESPONSIBILITY-BASED culture.

A RESPONSIBILITY-BASED culture is one where you have buy-in from everyone at EVERY LEVEL. Only then do your people show up STRONG. Everyone works together collaboratively, embracing a common mission. The environment is supportive and inclusive, so work gets done quickly and efficiently. Your organization THRIVES and you see rewards everywhere. 

What you’ll get out of joining this event.

  • An opportunity to interact with Judy and 9 senior leaders who are seeking employee engagement.
  • A greater understanding of the conditions and conversations needed to ensure personal responsibility.
  • New perspectives on workplace culture guidelines for high productivity and profitability, including how to implement.
  • Concepts and insights on next steps to to transform your workplace so you can keep up with today’s trends and needs.

Here’s how it works.

Click the link above to take your survey and register for this event. There are only 10 seats available. Judy Ryan will take into consideration your feedback on your survey to inform the event content. You will have opportunities to ask questions and engage in conversations during this event. 

About Judy Ryan

Judy Ryan is CEO of LifeWork Systems, a performance management company specializing in culture transformation frameworks since 2002. Her proven culture model is consistent with today’s rapid speed of change, diversity and complexity and trends towards teal, trauma-informed and agile practices in business and technology. Judy is an author, columnist, systems developer and integrator, consultant, trainer, coach, and keynote presenter, responsible for creating a fully scalable, digital platform and support processes within a culture implementation framework.

Judy’s work is her calling and is reflected in her mission to create a world in which all people love their lives.