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Executive and Senior Leadership

Change is happening so rapidly it often causes confusion and strain. Outdated, autocratic approaches no longer work and new systems are needed to promote emotional intelligence and personal responsibility. The glue that holds us together today must be based on trustworthy teamwork and collaboration.

Are your executive leaders struggling to ensure your organization remains competitive, productive and profitable? Are you dealing with unique circumstances such as mergers, acquisitions or other change processes that reveal stress fractures in your business? If any of this concerns you, consider:

1. What you and your senior team need to know to effectively lead your organization into the future

2. New priorities in a strategic plan you create for culture change, including how to implement it

3. How to cultivate consistent executive governance that focuses effectively on today’s priorities, challenges and business objectives 

4. Practices you adopt that result in attracting, developing and retaining top talent no matter what

5. Responses to complexity and change while measuring and reporting important metrics on progress

6. How to remain relevant, current and consistently ahead of the competition despite growth trends

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This third video is for executives who then get excited to pursue culture transformation.  This video is entitled Are My People Responsible Even When Alone?

This fourth video is a short commentary from a hospital CEO on the importance of a system needed for a consistently healthy culture 


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