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Game-Changing Questions: Appreciative Inquiry

Most people don’t realize the power of language and the effects of appreciative questions. In this workshop, participants learn about and practice Appreciative Inquiry (AI), an impactful alternative to traditional problem solving or innovating. AI is a proven method for use in meetings, to overcome challenges, and achieve goals. Participants learn to draw on what has, is, and can work.

Course Overview

We all fall into conditioned respsonses in general communication and when we are either trying to solve a problem, innovate or improve relationships or circumstances. Often our thought patterns are focused on what could go wrong or what has failed in the past. This need not be the only way we approach communication and reasoning, and this topic demonstrates a proven, intentional approach that many have never considered.

Course Description

Participants learn Appreciative Inquiry (AI), an encouraging communication tool and an energizing alternative to traditional problem solving and innovating.

Major Topics

  • What is Appreciative Inquiry?
  • Traditional Problem-Solving vs. Appreciative Inquiry
  • The 4-D Cycle of Creating From Strength
  • Establishing Appreciative Inquiry Interview Procedures
  • Strategies and Interview Tips for Using Appreciative Inquiry


This workshop is for every person who understands the power of language and commits to leverage strengths, assets, highest vision, and positive memories and experiences in order to create, innovate, and problem-solve.

Course Objectives

Participants learn a fun, proven method for improving relationships, creating intense positive connections and community and overcoming challenges by drawing on what is most inspiring from memories of what has, is and can work at its best./p>


1-3 Hours (from Overview to Full Workshop)

Cost and Times

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