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I Don’t Like To Gossip, But…

The most helpful online course you’ll ever find on dramatically reducing and eliminating toxic gossip!

Want to learn one of the most helpful steps to reducing toxicity and increasing trust?

Be Harmless With Words.

Stop Gossip.

Gossip is a toxic habit learned in childhood and a key element in bullying and all abuses of power.

Promote Peace

Toxic gossip harms everyone in its path: friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, all of society.

Halt Harm

Gossip is the fastest way to ruin reputations, diminish trust, promote fear and spread negativity.

Stop Spite

Find out how we help today!

Check out our I Don’t Like To Gossip, But… course.

I Don’t Like To Gossip, But…

A 90-Minute Online Training Program

Gossip is a highly toxic behavior and costly for those giving it, receiving it, and the subject of it. Sadly, gossip is epidemic and often considered a fact of life, not a learned behavior and bad habit. In this program, you discover the reasons gossip is rampant and what to do instead to transform this destructive, all-to-common behavior. Understanding of root causes requiring compassion, along with tools  that can be used right away, ensure the reduction and elimination of gossip.

Judy Ryan
Trainer • Coach • Expert

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“One of the things we do that causes so much strain in our lives is to be unaware of what’s going on in ourselves.”

Emotional Intelligence is being self-aware, able to manage ourselves, being aware of others, and able to manage our relationships with others.”

~ Judy Ryan, from Great Day STL Interview
Why We Are Different?

LifeWork Systems has a proven track record of empowering people to create caring, trusting, psychologically safe relationships through effective communication skills and consistent support.

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