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Your Extraordinary 21st Century Workplace

People are your greatest asset. Knowing how to offer them a compelling and uniquely supportive culture is key to attracting and keeping the best employees. Participants learn to understand what and why emotional intelligence and review our proven process for culture transformation.

Course Overview

Without standardized professional behavioral expectations and conditions and communication that builds trust, excellence cannot be achieved. When everyone learns task ownership and personal and collective responsibility, you move into a league of your own.

Course Description

Participants learn to create an encouraging environment, understand what and why emotional and social intelligence and healthy culture for success.

Major Topics

  • What is a Responsibility-Based Culture?
  • The Steps to Creating a Healthy Business, Home or School
  • It Takes a Village to Create an Extraordinary Workplace, Home or School
  • What are we Transforming From, Into?


This workshop is focused towards any individual who understands and seeks to create a healthy culture because they know this is required to empower people to be exceptional.

Course Objectives

Participants leave this workshop understanding the current dilemma underlying disengaged behavior, mediocrity or deliberate sabotage, and gain insights into the type of systems and culture needed to enhance the healthy development of all people.


1-4 Hours (from Overview to Full Workshop)

Cost and Times

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