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Managers and Supervisors

People need influential and caring leaders who inspire them. There’s a huge difference between a boss and a leader. Effective leaders empower people and create other leaders. They foster responsibility, intrinsic motivation, authenticity and self-governance.

Do your managers and supervisors need to shift from managing, incentivizing, judging and enabling people to developing them instead? Do they need to foster emotional intelligence skills? Develop leadership in them? Is there an unnecessary separation between them and those they lead that prevents trust and collaboration? In this topic, we review:

1. The kind of workplace culture needed and the role of managers and supervisors within it 

2. Helping managers and supervisors understand traditional roles they must dismantle and what they should replace them with

3. How to ensure the development of confidence, leadership and resilience within their people 

4. How to build trust between staff and management so together they co-create shared values

5. The process for transferring responsibility to staff until they are skilled at picking it up 

6. How and why to ditch performance appraisals and adopt monthly mentoring instead

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