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Nurturing Emotional and Social Intelligence

We all suffer at the mercy of those who are not self-aware or self-managing and therefore bully or otherwise neglect or violate the needs of others. Others may be suffering due to our lack of the same. This workshop helps participants learn to cultivate social and emotional intelligence in any setting.

Course Overview

Most people do not understand what emotional and social intelligence constitute and even when they do, they don’t always know how to be so in their behavior and thinking without structure and systems to support them.

Course Description

Participants learn to understand what and why to assess and cultivate social and emotional intelligence. There is a lot of buzz about both and we all suffer effects when there is a lack of either, but many people don’t know what it is and how to develop it for greater joy and accomplishment.

Major Topics

  • What is Social and Emotional Intelligence?
  • How do you Master and Leverage both?
  • Becoming Nimble and Flexible in Order to Adapt to the Needs of any Situation/li>
  • Strategies for Nurturing and Cultivating New Habits


This workshop is focused towards any individual who seeks to create healthy relationships and greater success in life and work by addressing the social and emotional aspects of living in order to be exceptional.

Course Objectives

Participants leave this workshop understanding what creates fear within us, the role of choices and adaptability, how to take full responsibility for all aspects of our being, including the healthy integration of our thinking, feeling and relating capacities.


1-3 Hours (from Overview to Full Workshop)

Cost and Times

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