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In the full-length course below, you gain greater awareness of our teal OD culture model and what next steps would involve In our sample culture process, you have the opportutnity to experience all of the components in our comprehensive culture transformation process, including several assessments, training (train-the-trainer, individual and group), our phone apps, mentoring for your teams and how to apply what’s learned right away and keep it going after.

Full Length Course Related to our Webinar Topic:

Your Extraordinary 21st Century Workplace

People are your greatest asset. Knowing how to offer them a compelling and uniquely supportive culture is key to attracting, developing and keeping the best people. Check out this full length program and click on the Purchase button below. Use the code YEW25 to get 25% off this program.

If you’d like to participate in a fast-track sample project as listed below in Sample Our Culture Process, use the code MINI30 when you click on the Purchase button in that section to get 30% off for each person participating on a team. Visit Our System in the navigation above to better understand our transformation process and all services included in our sample program below.

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Sample Culture Process

Take a team through a fast-track mini-sample of our process. Save 30%

Trends and Terms

Access our module on trends, terms and Sr. team questions.

Webinar Handout

To reflect on, share and apply what you’ve learned, enjoy our handout.

Industry Leaders

“The smartest organization in the world, the one that has mastered strategy, finance, marketing and technology, will eventually fail if its (culture) is unhealthy.” Patrick Lencioni, Author The Last Competitive Advantage

“Companies with a positive culture have better performance, productivity and profits than those without.” The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report

“The #1 reason why any organization should care is that it has been PROVEN that culture, if you have a strong one, is POSITIVELY CORRELATED with business results.” Jack Welch, Former General Electric CEO

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