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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step and deserve support in having a life you love! Sharing your answers ensures you get the best support and build determination to make needed changes.
Step 1: Complete the assessments (it will take you 10 minutes or less)
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Are you going through (or are considering) any of the following life or work events:*
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Defining your life and work goals and desires helps you build determination and supports your success. Your ability to feel and think through what you want, including specific goals and milestones, is basic to your short and long-term personal fulfillment.
A written plan for my life
Personalized support
Training and development
New, healthy relationships
To be happy and well
What is measured, improves. Your self-care and development are key to your sense of connection and importance. Uncovering your strengths and weaknesses is key to ensuring you are able to create an ideal plan of action and move forward in your life and work.
Emotional Intelligence
Strategies to love my life
Temperament knowledge
Commitment to improve
Desire to contribute/serve
A program includes a strategy for how to improve areas of your personal and professional life within a written plan. This includes training, coaching, and how to remember and confidently use what you learn in your life and work. A program ensures you are learning and growing, helping you improve how you think, speak, feel and act so you achieve outcomes you most want.
Support groups & programs
Training programs & series
Regular coaching support
Relationships for practice
Adequate resources to read, follow, hear, and view