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To Be Successful, You Need A
Diverse AND Inclusive Culture

You can make all the investments in the world – in technology, process, approach and systems, but if you don’t address the HUMAN component, ensuring psychological safety related to diversity, equity and inclusion, your results are always going to be disappointing and will fail.

You Need A Cohesive Community Model

It’s been proven that the more diverse your workplace, the more productive and profitable your business. The challenge is how to create the conditions that break down barriers and create new ways of
working together that while new, have been proven to work fantastically. You can create an environment of psychological safety, where employee experience and development keep your people happy, loyal and productive.

The problem is most organizations don’t know how to create a truly cohesive and inclusive culture. 

Transitioning successfully requires an experienced partner to provide the right system, guidance and support, working with your senior leaders to drive necessary change. Check out this short video.


A Common Language And Tools

An innovative and caring community requires a commitment to, practice of, and execution of, professional common behaviors – organizational expectations without which there are no supports upon which diversity and inclusion, can be confidently achieved.


Why LifeWork Systems?

We are a recognized, proven expert in creating psychological safety, and diversity and inclusion practices. We provide the plan, implementation and sustainable systems integration to ensure your team flourishes long after we leave.


Best Companies To Work For

According to DeGruyter and the GPTW Institute, in a study of best companies to work for they determined success criteria as:

  • the quality of relationships between staff and management
  • the relationships between staff and their company
  • the relationships between coworkers

If that’s not enough, Harvard Business Review says of diverse companies:

  1. 67% of candidates want to join a diverse team
  2. 2.57% of employees want to prioritize diversity
  3. They enjoy 2.3x higher cash flow
  4. 35% of diverse companies outperform homogeneous ones
  5. Diverse companies are 1.7x more likely to be innovation leaders
  6. 70% more likely to capture new markets


“The #1 Competitive Advantage for the ‘Organization of Tomorrow’ is investing in a human system that creates a NEW KIND OF TEAM in which people are motivated from within“.

Judy Ryan, CEO, Lifework System 

What interested me about your session was your structure for effecting cultural change in an entire group. Unlike most presentations (at the international Forum on Workplace Inclusion), which focus on a specific diverse group or symptomatic expression of inequality and separation, you got to the “bare bones and core issues for all divisiveness” and I valued that.”

Lynette Crane, Quiet Brilliance Consulting


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