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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The most helpful online course you’ll ever find for determining what to do in your key relationships!

Want to know if a relationship is one to start, salvage, or leave because it’s too toxic?

Gain Knowledge.

Make Informed Choices.

Is dealing with some coworkers stressful? Have unresolved issues? Should you try to fix them or leave?

Determine Your Choices

You’ve put in time and effort to make things work. They aren’t right now. Should you keep trying or move on?

Clarify Your Possibilities

You’re exhausted; it’s difficult. You care but things seem toxic. Should you hang in there or go?

Weigh Your Options

Find out how we help today!

Check out our Should I Stay Or Should I Go? course.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

A 95-minute Online Training Program

This program helps clarify whether to start, stay or go in relationships, and what to do to fully commit and make them work if staying is the best choice. Understanding healthy relationships versus those fraught with subtle or overt abuse or neglect, ensures a fitting decision is made. Gain information needed and engage in next steps to move forward with confidence no matter what.

Judy Ryan
Trainer • Coach • Expert

Featured TV Interviews

“One of the things we do that causes so much strain in our lives is to be unaware of what’s going on in ourselves.”

Emotional Intelligence is being self-aware, able to manage ourselves, being aware of others, and able to manage our relationships with others.”

~ Judy Ryan, from Great Day STL Interview
Why We Are Different?

LifeWork Systems has a proven track record of empowering people to create caring, trusting, psychologically safe relationships through effective communication skills and consistent support.

Testimonials on Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Training

Hear how one manager describes a relationship with a peer that almost cost everyone and how it was turned around so that all involved stayed and grew closer.

Consider this testimonial of an IT project manager who decided to “go” to a new company for more money but came right back to “stay” in the healthy culture at CMIT.

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