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When Everything Falls to Pieces

Got a Stable Foundation When SHIFT hits the Fan!?

Women On the Rise – A Virtual Summit

20 April 2002

Links to presentation videos, handouts and contact information

Thank you for attending our program on Monday, April 20th. We are sending you to this page to review our videos and download handouts where they are available in the links below. We also provide you with the contact information of each presenter and panel member.

Career Agility: How to Navigate the Future of Work in a Time of Dramatic Change – Take Action” Techniques for Inspired Growth”

Resources Document

Presenter: Marti Konstant


phone: 312.933.0101

email: marti@konstantchange.com 

Re-imagining your Workplace to Meet Today’s Emerging Digital Age – Culture and skills needed to transition into a digital business

Presenter: Lynda Roth

Copy of the Presentation

website: ljrconsultingservices.com

phone: 818-216-7264

email: lynda@ljrcs.com

Panel Discussion 1Why we must become agile or be left behind:

Uncertainty and change either fosters growth or stagnation

Moderator: Sandra Hill

Panelists: Marti Konstant, Judy Ryan, and Lynda Roth

Collaborative ConflictGetting Better at Hard Conversations When Stakes are High 

Presenter: Mikaela Kiner

Handout Conflict Resolution Script

website: reverbpeople.com  

email: mikaela@reverbpeople.com

Creating a vision that becomes your anchor in all storms – Your purpose keeps you focused, at peace, and intentional in uncertain times

Presenter: Carey Conley

website: careyconley.com

email: carey@careyconley.com

Creatures of CultureWhy Changing the Culture Is Our Best Bet in Improving Our Health

Presenter: Laura Putnam

website: motioninfusion.com

email: laura@motioninfusion.com

phone: 415.310.5505

Master YOU to Master Your SuccessHow self-mastery can unveil authentic connections and cultivate healthy cultures

Presenter: Colleen Biggs

website: leadupforwomen.com

email: colleenb@leadupforwomen.com

Panel Discussion 2: Holistic Wellness

Moderator: Colleen Biggs

Panelists: Laura Putnam (information above), Tara Gregor: website, phone, email and Sandra Hill: website, radio show, phone, email