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Revenue-Sharing Partnerships

The most meaningful, profitable, revenue-sharing partnership opportunities you’ll ever find.
Want to support the development of healthy individuals and teams, at work and at home?

Create Income Helping.      Promote Positive Change.

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Not only do we help organizations in many settings, we also help families and schools work together in cooperation.

Help Us Help Them Cooperate
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With today's speed of change, complexity, diversity and technology, more than ever people need to know how to collaborate.

Help Us Help Them Collaborate
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Want to be part of expanding potential within people so they shift from apathy and disengagement to joy and thriving?

Help Us Help Them Expand Potential

Find out how we help today!

Check out our partnership opportunities.

Revenue-Sharing Designations

We have 4 for your consideration

The purpose of LifeWork Systems is to create a world in which all people love their lives. A key vision of ours is to fulfill our purpose in partnership with like-minded, like-hearted thought leaders and change agents worldwide. Is this you?

Here are the 4 types of partnerships. Some people choose more than one. 

  • Affiliate

    Hosts our products and services on their website. 15% of sales

  • Referral

    Email introductions. $75 for each $500 of sales, capped at $300

  • Collaborator

    Gets meetings, sends links to events, assessments. 20% of sales

  • Strategic

    Sells and closes deals with our help. 25% of sales.

Judy Ryan

Trainer • Coach • Expert

Featured TV Interviews

One of the things we do that causes so much strain in our lives is to be unaware of what’s going on in ourselves.”

Emotional Intelligence is being self-aware, able to manage ourselves, being aware of others, and able to manage our relationships with others.

~ Judy Ryan, from Great Day STL Interview

Why We Are Different?

LifeWork Systems has a proven track record of empowering people to create caring, trusting, psychologically safe relationships even when people are facing challenging, negative behaviors.

Testimonials On Improvements At Work And Home

This is a testimonial on one of our popular topics: Redirecting Negative Behavior. Here how this helps parents and teachers..

This is a testimonial of a SVP Ops over 1000 people who found value in our culture change process after an acquisition.

We Pay Well For Your Support

Check out these sample financials in a
Revenue-Sharing Partnership

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