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Redirecting Negative Behavior

Challenged by poor behavior in others? What do you do, think and say when people annoy you, anger you, hurt you, worry you or insult you? Participants learn about redirect, an alternative to harshness, punishment, permissiveness, or bribing to effect positive change when faced with under-performance and counter-productive behavior.

Course Overview

Challenged by poor behavior? Learn a unique skill and change your life dramatically! What do you think, say and do when people:
Annoy and irritate you? Anger and provoke you? Shock and hurt you? Create worry and pity in you? Shake your confidence?

Course Description

Are you looking for ways to gain cooperation with adults and children and effect change without diminishing yourself or others? Want effective alternatives to harshness or permissiveness when facing poor behavior?

Major Topics

  • What and Why Human Systems?
  • Four Faces of Negative Behavior
  • Causes of Negative Behavior and What Really Works
  • Introduction to the Redirect Process
  • Strategies for Applying Redirect


This workshop is focused for anyone challenged with poor behavior, wanting an effective resolution that preserves the dignity of all involved and improves relationships.

Course Objectives

Participants come away from this workshop with a working knowledge of the principles, tools and practices for applying Redirect, an effective, emotionally intelligent and positive method for shifting negative behavior.


1-6 Hours (from Overview to Full Workshop)

Cost and Times

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