Problems We Solve

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LifeWork Systems won the Vanguard Award for Innovation for a 4-year School Reform Project GO THE DISTANCE, involving administrators, teachers, students, community leaders and parents, all to help students graduate.

LifeWork Systems tackles relationship, motivation and participation issues common to families. It is in working with a variety of families (blended, single-parent, multi-generational, gay, foster, adoptive, large and small) that we have discovered how to effectively address the following challenges every parent and child caregiver faces:

  • How do we create a home where all of us want to do our best, every day?
  • How do we ensure we and our children expand into our greatest potential?
  • How do we take our family beyond surviving to thriving in joy and with love?
  • How do we get everyone responsible for the development and nurturing of our children, aligned on the critical decision-making issues that arise each day?

At LifeWork Systems, we are fully engaged in the work of bringing incomparable value to families. We practice everything we teach to others in our own lives and in our work environment. We commit to share lessons we have learned in working with hundreds of parents for decades, so you are able to benefit from our experience and become an extraordinary family, happy in your decision to become a parent.

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