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CultureEX™ Guided Transformation

The most powerful guided culture transformation process and implementation for developing a happy, high-performing workforce.
Program price: $1,875 per person, with a minimum of 8 participants
Want to transform a toxic or mediocre workplace culture into an high-performing one?

Evolve Your Culture.     Make It Extraordinary.

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Effective organizations develop leadership in every person, in every role so they co-create exceptional outcomes.

Learn How To Create Leaders
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To have a high-performing workforce, everyone needs to build trust, develop critical thinking, and contribute agily.

Learn How To Evolve People
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With today's speed of change, complexity, diversity and technology, more than ever people need to know how to collaborate.

Learn How To Foster Collaboration

Find out how we help today!

Check out our CultureEX™ Guided Transformation.

CultureEX™ Guided Transformation

An extraordinary culture transformation process

Our 12-14 month CultureEX™ Guided Transformation Process is aligned with advances in organizational culture to ensure people become responsible, self-motivated, build trust and take an active role in maintaining caring, emotionally intelligent and psychologically safe relationships. Our comprehensive process includes assessments, training, group work, mentoring, systems integration and oversight by a LifeWork Systems Consultant. Our implementation is uniquely scalable, sustainable, and uses best practices from education to provide an immersive experience for all that lasts long after project completion.

Judy Ryan

Trainer • Coach • Expert

Featured TV Interviews

One of the things we do that causes so much strain in our lives is to be unaware of what’s going on in ourselves.”

Emotional Intelligence is being self-aware, able to manage ourselves, being aware of others, and able to manage our relationships with others.

~ Judy Ryan, from Great Day STL Interview

Why We Are Different?

LifeWork Systems has a proven track record of empowering people to create caring, trusting, psychologically safe relationships even when people are facing challenging, negative behaviors.

Testimonials on CultureEX™ Guided Transformation

A CIO describes how different her staff after their culture change and select staff completing the CultureEX™ Transformation.

Listen to a SVP. Operations over 1000 people speak about why to hire culture specialists for a guided CultureEX™ transformation.

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