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About Us

Our purpose is to create a world in which all people love their lives!


Founded in 2002, LifeWork Systems (formerly Expanding Human Potential) is a full-service training and consulting firm specializing in cooperative practices, workplace culture change and leadership development.

The vision of CEO Judy Ryan has been the driving force in shaping the company. Her experience has been that most authority figures, including executives, parents and educators, adopt human systems (how people think, act, feel and behave) originally designed for survival, conformity and compliance rather than strong leadership, creativity and collaboration. These obsolete and counter-productive systems hinder the development of alignment, accountability and positive social interest.


Our Purpose and Values

We walk the talk. We live by purpose, values and vision first and they inform our goals, procedures and roles.

Our Unique Core Values

Friendship: We treat every person as a dear friend
Encouragement: We support courage and strength
Over-Communication: We get to understanding
Personal Growth: We learn, grow and improve
Leadership: Power-within, not power-over or -under
Faith: We surrender to God in humility, accepting grace and guidance

Eight Values That Build Trust

We walk the talk. We live by purpose, values and vision first and they inform our goals, procedures and roles.

Respect: We honor the worthiness in all people
Recognition: We value differences and unique gifts
Receptivity: We are open to what others share with us
Disclosure: We share our ideas, feelings and opinions
Straightforwardness: We request and say expectations
Honesty: We tell the truth
Keeps Commitments: We deliver on our agreements
Seeks Excellence: We do our best in everything

Our Story


LifeWork Systems is an award-winning training and consulting company specializing in culture change since 2002. We expand human potential to maximize performance. With our help, your people communicate better, develop into leaders no matter what their role, and help create conditions that bring out the best in one another.

Business owners, educators and community leaders hire LifeWork Systems because they want the advantages of an extraordinary workplace culture. They do this because they know responsible, conscientious employees help them grow their businesses, stand out in their industry and keep customers coming back. They appreciate the specific, 7-step process LifeWork Systems provides for a complete cultural transformation and the ability and convenience of distributing information to all employees through individual and leader-led programs.

Because we believe in personal responsibility, shared power and leadership for all, we have a policy of building capacity for change in each person within your organization, starting from the top-down. We are equally committed to inspire bottom-up commitment to change, as well as trust, straightforward communication and the development of inside-out motivation in all, so that transformation occurs easily throughout your entire organization.


We are Innovative


CEO Judy Ryan has always been drawn to unorthodox methods for forming authentic community and developing people into good citizens. Since 1984 she has turned that interest into an obsession and then in 2002, a company. Here are key questions that have led to liberation in her life and the lives of many others:






 1. How can we shift our civilization process so rather than diminish people and demean the human spirit, each person is assisted in expanding into their wholeness?
2. What can we do to create a world in which it feels safe to be powerfully influential, inventive,
vulnerable, and collaborative?
3. What does an organization, business, school, and family look like in which people thrive rather than simply survive?
4. How do we avoid that which makes us feel and act like victims and rebels and adopt that which makes us feel empowered, lovable, connected, and contributing?


We are Award-Winning


LifeWork Systems was presented with the Vanguard Award for Innovation in Service to St. Louisan’s from the St. Louis Mental Health Board.




Judy Ryan, Speaker

We are in the Media


March 2013, we made the cover of the St. Louis Small Business Monthly in a lengthy article outlining our success in providing a cultural transformation that led to increased productivity and revenue in an area business.


We have been invited as a guest speaker on television, podcasts, and radio on topics related to organizational culture, productivity, healthy relationships, emotional intelligence and leadership development.


2018, we made the cover again, this time for a timely article on #Me Too: Unwrapping sexual harassment and abuse, on the cover of The St. Louis and St. Charles Women’s Journals.

We are Published

Column 1. In January 2005, we were invited by the Women’s Journals to provide a national column on Emotional Intelligence and are still writing that column today with over 100 published articles to date.

Column 2. January 2013, we were invited by St. Louis Small Business Monthly to provide a column on The Extraordinary Workplace and still contribute monthly with over published 50 articles to date.
Book. People Tested Media published Judy Ryan’s first book in September 2015, What’s the Deal with Workplace Culture Change? In this book, readers find answers to key questions many business owners and leaders frequently ask, including:


We Have Strategic Partnerships


“Joint Ventures, Alliances, and other Corporate Partnerships are fueling the growth of the world’s most successful companies. The demand to deliver more new products, more quickly, and at lower prices has never been greater. Joint Ventures and other collaborative business arrangements are revolutionizing how winning companies compete. They permit companies to enter new markets and field new products that they otherwise couldn’t do on their own. They are the quickest way to grow your company, particularly in times of change.”

Curtis E. Sahakian, Author, Business Strategist, Lawyer

Strategic partnerships afford client services and experiences possible only through a unified approach that results in powerful value propositions. Each organization listed below offers many years of experience, specialized knowledge and support, entertainment and enlightenment, all combined to provide a broad, holistic and comprehensive range of
unique offerings. Our partners include:

MDR. MDR is a group of veteran CEOs who advise current CEOs on best practices primarily in healthcare. We have been contracted with MDR as their best practice provider in workplace culture transformation.

WCN. Whole Care Network has the mission to create a collective positive impact on issues facing family caregivers in all parts of the country and around the world.

Teamphoria. Teamphoria’s employee engagement software measures company culture and morale in real-time. They have customized their software tool so that it is compatible with the LifeWork Systems culture transformation system and tools.

NtrinsxTM Social Intelligence System. Ntrinsx makes it easy to learn, store, view, share, and leverage the intrinsic values of people. It is a cloud-based application that makes it easy to engage large teams to improve relationships

Continuing Education Institute of Illinois. The mission of CEII is to provide accessible, client driven, cost-effective and performance measured education and training services to professionals. We have CEU courses certified by them

TouchStone Process Repository. Their revolutionary TouchStone system, allows our clients to gain knowledge and skills to capture and store processes for how they get, deliver and manage customers and staff within their own organization

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, St. Louis. The objective of the Hispanic Chamber is to promote and support Hispanic small businesses through programs, services, and legislative advocacy.

WBENC. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs

NMSDC. Mid-States Minority Development Council serves as an advocate for the economic well-being and growth of certified MBEs, while also providing a direct connection for corporations who are committed to hire them.

The Women’s Journal. The mission of the Women’s Journals is to be the objective, informative, and educational resource for women. Judy has been writing her column Emotional Intelligence in this publication since 2005.

St. Louis Small Business Monthly. A rich source of strategy, management and innovation for St. Louis-area entrepreneurs and business owners. Judy has been writing her column The Extraordinary Workplace in this publication since 2012.


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