KIND of Implementation

Transitioning to a healthy culture successfully requires experienced specialists who provide the right model, implementation, guidance and support. Our greatest strength is systemic change that lasts. Our winning combination ensures the right plan drives effective change.

Today’s agile digital solutions, diversity challenges and need for innovation, must be mapped to equally agile, diverse and innovative staff behaviors. Team members must be able to both lead and follow dynamically to meet today’s need for collaboration and fluidity.

System + Plan That Makes
Success Inevitable

Task Ownership

Create self-governance in all, from CEO to all staff, so leaders can focus on growth.


Develop agile human behaviors to sustain your relevant, competitive edge.


Guide your people to both lead and follow confidently so collaboration skyrockets.

Our System

CultureEX™ - A Guided Transformation System

A culture change system and model that develops leadership in all people for exceptional engagement, service, and life and work success.

CultureEX™ is a guided culture transformation process and implementation. It’s virtual, scalable, and sustainable due to our digital platform and oversight support.

Our ultimate goal is to help you sustain and expand your culture model. We help you develop internal culture advocates who become subject matter experts that integrate new concepts and tools into your operations. 

Guided & Comprehensive

Our Approach

01. Implementation - an immersive process

An implementation that upgrades mindset and behavior in every person and creates consistency, ongoing support, and a common language and set of tools.

An immersive process ensures consistency, retention, changed beliefs and behavior, and practical application of what’s learned for long-term sustainability. Our immersive process is designed with flipped training, a best practice often used in education. It was proven that when people engage with content multiple times and in multiple ways, they retain and apply what is learned. There are 11+ touch points in our immersive culture implementation.

Immersive Process

02. Distributive - from CEO to front line staff

A culture of people who are personally powerful, confident and intentional must be fostered to meet today’s organizational needs as well as the needs of every person.

An outdated way to adopt a culture model and leadership development is to make those with titles responsible for every aspect of management, and sustainability of new behaviors. Each was to mentor staff in hopes they would manage relationships, productivity, engagement, and progress through their oversight. As a result, titled leaders became overburdened and less able to meet larger business objectives.

Distributive Model

03. Scalability – ensuring consistency for all

Our portal system on our digital platform makes it possible for an entire workforce to participate in a consistent transformation no matter how large or small your organization, no matter where or when your people work.

A healthy culture is only as strong as its weakest link. Why settle for only developing some people in your organization when technology makes scaling your culture model possible for everyone in your workforce? Whether they are spread across the world or based locally, working remotely,  in-person, or in a hybrid manner, scaling with our digital platform provides everyone with a common set of concepts, terms, tools, and processes, accessible anywhere, anytime, so that every person is amply supported in succeeding.

Leverage Technology

04. Sustainability - training the trainers

Our system includes development of internal subject matter experts who oversee, mediate, coach, and onboard existing and future staff into the new culture model.

A healthy culture is a sustainable culture in which the practices of the model are handed down and supported fully with existing staff and when onboarding new staff. Initially, those in pilot projects are identified and nominated by coworkers. They may be from area or role. They are passionate about the model and about the development of their co-workers. Many seek to be a go-to expert in one or more of the new concepts and tools.

Mentoring & Onboarding

05. Integration - making culture operational

Our system includes ongoing processes so your people keep newly learned concepts and tools front-and-center and grow in self-management and accountability.

A responsibility-based, purpose-based, and values-based culture transformation is not an event with an expiration date. We provide you a set of processes for your senior leaders, your managers and supervisors, and your front-line staff. A culture committee is formed from members of your staff at every level and together, they keep the culture practices going so that everyone stays current on managing their culture tasks.

Ongoing Processes

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