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The key to develop individuals and organizations involves the right services, addressing the right priorities, and delivering the right value competently. Then the commitment to make improvements opens doors of opportunity.

We offer a variety of services focused on driving sustained, relevant and positive change for organizations, teams, and individuals.

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Executive Consulting and Coaching

Consulting and coaching are utilized in order to assist Executives and Senior leaders in meeting business objectives, resolving challenges, and developing the kinds of culture and people needed for extraordinary success. We assist in identification and adoption of winning strategies.

Personal And Professional Survey

Survey questions focus on life transitions, desired outcomes, priorities, and next steps. Gaining clarity builds determination to engage in personal and professional development that ensures clarity, effectiveness and success. Support is provided to ensure a path to joy, contribution and advancement.

Revenue-Sharing Partnerships

Partners help fulfill our mission to create a world in which all people love their lives. They are like-minded, like-hearted change agents who recognize that with little time, they share support of our mission in exchange for generous revenue shares and paid consulting opportunities.

Ntrinsx Temperament Assessment

Ntrinsx helps people understand each other’s highest priority values, how to interpret one another’s behavior with understanding and how to best interact with each other. Ntrinsx makes it easy to learn, store, view, share, and leverage values to improve relationships.

Phone Apps and Reference Tools

Phone apps and reference tools makes it easy to not only learn new skills but also apply them. These support tools ensure your entire team can reference what they’ve learned no matter where they are and when they need to recall them.

Public Speaking

We offer a wide range of speaking topics delivered live or virtual, on various fixed and custom-designed subjects and for a variety of lengths. Our events include individual and group workshops, webinars, summits, keynotes, and series.

Strategic Alignment Survey (SAS)

Data is collected, summarized and reports are provided to everyone on alignment, trust, and engagement. Each gains essential information about obvious and hidden issues, problems, gaps, and inefficiencies. Baselines are established, then remeasured every 6 months.

Individual Consulting and Coaching

A relationship with individuals is fostered to review dreams, challenges, and a plan to develop skills and strategies for life and work. We consult and coach on topics that apply at home, in schools, at work, and in the community. We provide mediation and coaching in applying new skills.

Executive Speaking and Events

Quality, engaging professionals with a proven track record, providing content relevant to executive and senior leader on a variety of topics. Participants are informed, inspired and receive exceptional value and strategies they can take away and apply right away.

Events, Workshops, and Webinars

Quality, engaging professionals provide content for individuals and groups, on topics related to personal and professional development, all offered at competitive rates. Audiences are informed, inspired and receive exceptional value and strategies to apply right away.

Culture Wellness Assessment

When completed, the information gathered and scored helps leaders grow in awareness about culture practices, challenges, desired workforce behaviors, and considerations related to adopted trends. A detailed report indicates priority areas on which to focus, and helpful feedback is provided.

CultureEX™ Specialist Certification

A certification program is provided to coaches, consultants, mentors, and trainers who wish to become culture transformation specialists. The program is 28-hours of group sessions with individual pre-work. Each participant comes away with valuable concepts, processes and tools.

Personal and Professional Development Training

Personal and professional development courses are available in individual programs, bundled sessions, memberships, and custom offerings. Training is provided live, in-person, virtual, and online for individuals with groups. Workbooks and reference tools are included.

CultureEX™ – A Guided Transformation

Participants are led through a yearlong, guided, immersive, culture transformation process. Services are scaled on our digital platform and accessed in our online portal. Oversight is provided by a specialist so everyone becomes self-reliant in the culture model.

Development Membership Options

Participants are provided two options for yearlong membership series in personal and professional development, for individuals and groups. Click on the buttons below to see detailed information on the four membership choices, and available payment options for each,

CultureEX™ Leader Review Program

A series of sessions are provided to executive and senior leaders considering the CultureEX guided process. The program is 24-hours of instructor-led review all concepts, processes and tools in order to determine alignment and readiness in adopting the CultureEX model. Pacing of sessions varies.

3-Month Sample CultureEX™ Project

A 3-month version of the CultureEX comprehensive yearlong project is available for 8 or more people. The sample project is available so monthly tasks and required time for each are experienced by a pilot team to determine readiness, buy-in, and commitment to the yearlong process.

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