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What are super powers? Nothing more than who people are at their best, the traits that flow from their giftedness and passion, and when they are aligned with what they most want to create to have a life they love!

“I AM a sacred cocoon, a place to dismantle what no longer serves, and allow new, bright, and free possibilities to emerge. I am safe, supported and healed into the best version of myself and available to provide the same for others.”

Judy Ryan, CEO

Why activate? Intentional action is required to unearth the magnificent gifts in people at work, home and in the community. Effort should not be necessary, but it IS because many suffer the negative side effects of our civilization process and outdated human systems we have promoted for centuries without challenge. Such systems keep a great proportion of people dysfunctional and shut down; ensuring they miss out on adventures and contributions they would otherwise create and enjoy.

What super powers? Many of you look and see masses of people who appear mediocre or worse, harmful. You might falsely conclude that those with super powers are the rare exception rather than the rule. You may come to believe a finite number of high performing; high achieving people are hard to find and impossible to replicate. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have a treasure trove before you, but do not realize how to activate present potentialities so needed today.

Our dilemma. Most people have been unplugged from the very information, practices and support needed to ensure they awaken into alignment with their true vocation, gracefully partner with others, and recognize and use their unique gifts and talents. I see this in my client sites – before and after – problems and solutions. I see it in dire statistics reflecting too many uninterrupted struggles within and between people that diminish genius. I also see what is possible with a healthy human system overhaul. I’ve seen recidivism rates drop in prisons from 65% to 4%, workplace disengagement rates from 60% and 70% drop to single digits, and trust gaps that are all but eliminated. I urge you to examine cause and effect relationships on all such outcomes.

Who, me? Too often people are operating in conditions that create a state of inferiority complex; unworthy feelings born of limiting beliefs that inadvertently retard the growth and gifts within each, and set up false identification with mediocrity, internal and external conflict, and failure. Much like Superman needed the sun to regenerate his powers, so too people need encouraging conditions and conversations to keep them in high performing states of being.

What activates super powers in you and those you lead?
1. Believe all people are and want to be great; that if they’re not acting great, they are discouraged
2. Create conditions for four core needs; to feel empowered, lovable, connected and contributing
3. Add human systems that increase, and dismantle those that diminish the four core needs above
4. Educate all people in the cognizance of, and skill in, emotional and social intelligence
5. Reduce and eliminate extrinsic motivation and develop intrinsic motivation instead
6. Adopt eight values that build trust and make trustworthiness and values foundational
7. Mentor and coach one another monthly on improving relationships, productivity and engagement
8. Develop strong, confident leader and follower skills both, in every person, of all ages, simultaneously
9. Redirect negative behavior without punishment, bribing or permissiveness
10. Teach people to revere and manage personal power and use it in service to a loving purpose

Don’t settle. Activate all super powers available and needed. Call me…I’m here to help.

This article is published in the column The Extraordinary Workplace in St. Louis Small Business Monthly, December 2018

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Business owners and executives, community leaders, parents, educators and individuals hire LifeWork Systems because they know that effective conditions and conversations make all the difference in building trusting relationships, achieving dreams, and creating solutions and innovations for our evolving world. When people are happy and responsible, emotionally and socially intelligent, confident, and appropriately seen, heard, and supported, they always exceed expectations. We help instill into every person common concepts, terms, tools, and processes that result in healthy, happy, caring and contributing individuals, teams and organizations. Our mission is to create a world in which all people love their lives!

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