An Accountable Culture: What is It?
How is It Best Implemented?

The most powerful, interactive, relevant, executive introduction to a responsibility-based culture model you will ever find!

Friday, July 12, 2024
1:00 pm CT
2:30 pm CT
8 participants
Why An Assessment? It is valuable for gaining insight into culture practices, challenges, desired workforce behaviors, and how trends impact organizational effectiveness. It also informs topics covered. You receive a detailed report with recommendations and next steps.

Want to transform a toxic or mediocre workplace culture into a high-performing one?

This 90-minute event is relevant to executive and senior leaders who seek knowledge, resources, and implementation strategies for building a culture that fosters high-performing, accountable people.

This event is limited to 8 participants so that you have plenty of time to interact in this event with the consultant and others in your peer group, who equally understand the need for, and seek to create, a high-performing, emotionally intelligent, and mentally healthy workplace culture. You know such a culture is required in order to empower people to be exceptional, collaborative, agile and resilient. This topic is for any leader who wants to better understand how to implement such a comprehensive culture transformation consistently and sustainably through shared responsibility – by all employees for the new culture model.

This event is relevant for leaders who:

  • Recognize the needs related to today’s speed of change, complexity, globalization, diversity, and technology
  • Prioritize workplace culture, leadership development, employee engagement, and high performing teamwork
  • Committed to stay current on organizational development, culture evolution, emotional intelligence and agility
  • Want proven implementation strategies to increase their reach, influence, and effectiveness
  • Are willing to complete a Culture Assessment (a free report will be provided)

About Judy Ryan

JUDY RYAN is CEO of LifeWork Systems and a recognized thought leader on applied behavioral science that impacts deep culture change for exceptional outcomes. She is an award-winning author, columnist, system developer, consultant, trainer, keynote speaker and is frequently interviewed on TV, radio, and podcasts. Since 2002, Judy has been leading innovative methods to favorably impact the most important aspect of any organization: its people. She has created a digital, scalable culture transformation system and implementation framework. Judy’s purpose is to create a world in which all people love their lives.
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