Ntrinsx® Temperament Assessment

Social intelligence is understanding yourself and others in ways that help you to manage your own sense of self and create understanding and supportive relationships.
Ntrinsx® makes it easy to learn, store, view, share, and leverage intrinsic (internal) values in everyone to improve relationships – with individuals and in teams.
Here are just some reason’s you may want to consider Ntrinsx for your organization, yourself, or your family:
  • I want a personality model I can understand and easily remember what I learn about myself and others so I can refer to it regularly
  • Understanding the strengths, and blind spots of people and the path back to strengths would be highly valuable
  • Interpreting behavior with understanding would help everyone communicate effectively and greatly improve supporting each other
  • Gaining skill in how to listen based on each person’s temperament would nurture caring and thoughtful relationships
  • Learning priority values of in each of us helps us to stop inadvertently neglecting and violating them, and draw on strengths instead
These are just a few reasons to consider learning more about, and understanding temperaments using the Ntrinsx system. Today’s challenges require emotional and social intelligence, high trust, and psychological safety. Learning about each person’s unique temperament and values and how they like to be communicated with and treated is an excellent way to begin the process.
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