I Don’t Want to Gossip, But…
Why We Gossip and What to Do Instead

The most helpful event you’ll ever find for dramatically reducing and eliminating toxic gossip!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024
6:30 pm CT
7:30 pm CT
Why An Assessment? It is valuable for gaining insight into life and work transitions, desired support and improvement, and development options related to your career, home, and social life. It also raises your self-awareness. We provide you valuable recommendations and a free consult to discuss possible next steps.

Want to learn some of the most helpful strategies and tools for reducing gossip and increasing trust?

Gossip is a highly toxic behavior for the everyone involved, directly and indirectly. It is so common it is epidemic. Most people tolerate gossip as a fact of life and don’t consider the core reasons we gossip, what to do instead so they commit to stop engaging in it.

This one-hour event introduces in a compassionate and straightforward manner, the understandable reasons people gossip, and common beliefs that must be examined and laid aside in order to transform gossip into meaningful exchanges that build rather than break down relationships. Specific tools and strategies are introduced, including steps, shifts and strategic processes for drastic reduction or elimination of gossip, along with tools for healthy venting.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Understandable Reasons we Gossip
  • The Role of Curiosity and Compassion
  • The Mind Trust
  • Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Venting
  • Choosing Encouragement, Support and Resolution

Participants receive a powerful means to address gossip head on and eliminate it while providing support. They learn the reasons, results, and their role and responsibilities in addressing gossip and how to give and receive healthy venting. With the new knowledge and tools, they transform reactivity and upset into positive resolutions and create strong, caring relationships.

About Judy Ryan

JUDY RYAN is CEO of LifeWork Systems and a recognized thought leader on applied behavioral science that impacts deep culture change for exceptional outcomes. She is an award-winning author, columnist, system developer, consultant, trainer, keynote speaker and is frequently interviewed on TV, radio, and podcasts. Since 2002, Judy has been leading innovative methods to favorably impact the most important aspect of any organization: its people. She has created a digital, scalable culture transformation system and implementation framework. Judy’s purpose is to create a world in which all people love their lives.
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